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#AsData Poster Series

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Collages inspired by our #AsData 2016 event by Oliver Bendorf.

Published September 2016

Oliver Baez Bendorf is an AMAZING poet, teaching artist, and librarian. We commissioned Oliver to create a poster series inspired by our Collections as Data summit in September 2016 that represent key themes of what it means to serve and use library collections computationally.

"There was a lot to synthesize from the conference, and collage as a thinking process was a really effective method for me. I was thinking about invitations to artists and writers to interact with and act on data and collections at the library. But by the time I finished it, it had expanded from that — anyone who downloads the data and interacts with it is telling a story about it or trying to find a story to tell with it. It could be an artist or writer but it could also be a researcher or anyone who has some interest or some story that they want to tell with the data."

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