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Free to Use Browser Extension

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Explore free to use images from the Library of Congress anytime you open a new tab!

Published August 2018


This experiment was built by Flynn Shannon and because it's in beta it is currently not available in the Chrome Web Store. Read about how Flynn made it here. To install it, follow these steps:

  1. Download this zip file External and open it.
  2. In Chrome, enter chrome://extensions into the search bar.
  3. Turn on developer mode.
  4. Click 'Load unpacked extension'.
  5. Select the folder created when you opened the zip file.
  6. Open those tabs! (load time can sometimes be slow)
  7. Don't forget to turn off developer mode!

About Flynn

As a Junior Fellow in the Library of Congress Office of Communications, Flynn created new ways to engage the public with digital images from our collections that are free of copyright restrictions. He is pursuing a degree in classical mathematics with a concentration in scientific computing at Kenyon College. He is interested in exploring applications of abstract mathematics in computing.

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