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Humans in the Loop

image of historic rollercoaster
Looping the loop, Atlantic City

Project Kick Off Fall 2020

We have engaged data management solutions provider AVP as we explore approaches with the Humans in the Loop: Accelerating access and discovery for digital collections project. AVP has over a decade of experience working with the Library of Congress on projects focused on software, digital preservation, and best practices. Humans in the Loop will build on the foundation of the Library’s success with crowdsourcing—including establishing Flickr Commons, LC Labs projects like Beyond Words, and the Library’s By the People program—to explore deepened engagement with collections, while foregrounding the role human expertise plays in machine learning. The project will result in at least two experimental prototypes or proof of concepts for at least two human-in-the-loop workflows, training data, code, and recommendations for combining crowdsourcing and machine learning.

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