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Held November 8th, 2018

This idea comes out of a lot of work Innovator-in-Residence Jer Thorp has been doing that considers how people find stuff in the Library’s collection. If you know exactly what you’re looking for, finding things isn’t too hard; but if you come to the collection just to amble around in curiosity, paths are limited. The goal of the #SerendipityRun is to find as many interesting things as we can from the collection and to connect those items through vectors of chance, whimsy, and personal experience.

See this Twitter Moment External we made of the #SerendipityRun !

How to participate

  1. Choose a #SerendipityRun item that someone else has already posted on Twitter
  2. Find an item on that you think is somehow connected
  3. Post your item along with an image, the first poster's name and the #SerendipityRun hashtag!
  4. Jer wrote a blog post External with some tips and trick for finding things in the collections.

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